How to Feel Alive in the "Dead" of Winter

I love snow! Especially this time of year, I just love looking out at my backyard when it's all sparkly and white. Preferably while sitting on the sofa with a cup of hot cocoa!

The downside, of course, it that it can make it a little (or a lot) trickier to get in a mindful walk. 

BUT...if you've been using wintry weather as an excuse to just forget about the whole mindfulness "thing" for a while, the video below may be the mindset shift you need. (And no, it's NOT just a kick in the butt.) 

Here is why winter is the perfect time to apply that "present moment awareness" that mindful walking teaches us - whether you're out for a chilly walk OR curled up on your couch with your honey!

What's your take on walking in winter? Have any tips for the rest of us? Feel free to share in the comments!