Forest Bathing or Mindful Walking: Is There a Difference?

Shinrin yoku, literally "forest bathing" in Japanese, refers to the natural healing power of just being in nature. It has become a cornerstone of Eastern medical practice and is gaining popularity in the stressed-out Western world. 

Sounds a lot like mindful walking, right?

While the central notion of forest bathing - the idea that just being in nature in healing - is also central to my concept of mindful walking, there are also some important distinctions. Here's why I believe that, at least in the midst of chaotic and busy weekdays, mindful walking trumps shinrin yoku for most of us.

While I love and advocate forest bathing, I know that I'm a lot more likely to actually DO mindful walking - between meetings, right after supper, before making a difficult phone call - and actually lower my stress and re-center my brain, in real time. 

What about you? Have you tried shinrin yoku? What about mindful walking? How have these nature-based practices impacted your life? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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