How to Be More Likable (Without Really Trying)

Well, I had a new experience the other day. A post that I hastily threw on my Facebook page, late at night, in a fit of anger, got more likes, comments and shares than anything I've ever posted on nature, beauty, and Mindful Walking. 

In case you didn't see it, it was a bit of a rant about the rudeness of some of the patrons to my daughter at the grocery store where she works as a checker. 

On the surface, it may not seem to have much to do with my usual message of peace through exposure to nature. But in fact, kindness and time spent in nature are more closely linked than you may think. Watch this quick 3-minute video to see what I mean. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on my theory. Are people who spend time in nature nicer to others? 

Please take a second to share your thoughts below. 

Because sharing what we value is the ultimate kindness, if you are finding value in the things I'm sharing, please do me a big favor and pass this post along to someone else who could use a boost today.