Woo Woo versus Woo Hoo (How to Find the Right Mentor for You)

Here's a fun fact: There was a time when I thought "meditation" was the domain of nut jobs and hucksters. Embarrassing but true. As a person steeped in science, I was mistrustful of things that sounded too "airy fairy" to my (untrained) ears. 

But that changed when I got serious about my personal growth and development. 

In today's rather impromptu video (please forgive the lack of a tripod!), I open up about my experience and share some thoughts on finding the best mentors to guide you on your own journey. 

When I made the decision to follow that "There must be something more" feeling, I was led to authors, coaches, teachers, and friends who could help me along that path. 

I challenge you to consider these questions as you continue on your own journey: Whose message rings true for you? Who confuses you? Who sounds crazy and who sounds right, even if you don't fully understand what they're saying? Go with what feels right, every time. Trust that your inner guide knows what you need, right now. 

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