How to Never Waste Your Time (Even When You're Doing Nothing)

If you have ever had a day (or a week, or a year...) where you worried you might be wasting your time in whatever you were up to, today's message is for you! 

And no, I'm not going to be sharing any time management tips. This is something a whole lot deeper - and easier!

In this 5 minute and 30 second video you will

  • Hear a (slightly embarrassing) story about me that you may relate to (especially if you're a Type A personality, like me)
  • Learn the simple method I now use to ensure that, no matter what I'm doing (or not doing), I'm never "wasting" time
  • See a quick glimpse of my new puppy (you have to look fast!)

The truth is, when we commit ourselves to learning how to "listen for the directions", Wisdom will always come through for us. 

If, in your quietest, most present moments, Wisdom tells you it's time for a coffeebreak, a nap, a phone call you've been avoiding, or a new job, don't ignore it! That's the voice we're going for here. Following it as best you can will keep you aligned with your highest purpose and your deepest satisfaction.

I'd love to know what resonates for you in this message. Leave a comment below!

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