Involuntary Mindfulness (Bet You've Done It)

Have you ever had an experience of intense "mindfulness" without even realizing it?

If you have ever been moved by a sunset, fallen in love, witnessed the birth of a child, or spent time immersed in something you love, then the answer is probably yes!

That's awesome. Because it means you can get there again with just a little effort. I made you this 5-minute video to explain what I mean - and why we should all care.

Spring is the perfect time to dust off those tennies and start - or restart - a mindful walking practice and I'm here to help. So much of what is happening in Nature calls us to be fully present, fully aware, fully alive. (In case you missed it, here's an example from my neighborhood just this week.) 

Take ten minutes this week and treat yourself to a mindful walk. Then tell me how it goes. (I'm a real person and I read every email!)

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Happy Trails!