Why it's Not Self-Indulgent to Spend Time in Nature

If you're reading this post, you probably like the idea of enjoying a deeper, more enriching connection with Nature and all that you know that can do for you and your business. In theory.

The problem comes when you try to actually find the time to engage in a little feet-in-the-grass time.

Does the idea of staring at the clouds for 15 minutes or taking a 30 minutes walk feel enticing but "self indulgent" or just plain impossible given all you have on your plate?

I've got you covered!

In this video, I'll help you rethink this common problem, and find more breathing room in your day! (And don't worry - it won't take much time away from your life. It's just 4 minutes long!)

Here's to finding more time to do more of what makes us happy AND healthy!

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