Higher Profits OR More Free Time: Why Choose?

They say time is money.

But I've built an entire business around walking mindfully in the outdoors, all while managing multiple other businesses and a household (plus a menagerie of animals, but that's another story).

One thing people often is ask is, "How do you have the time?" My answer? I make it! AND I do it without sacrificing profits. In fact, I make more money today than I ever did in the years before I learned to tap into the wisdom of the Natural World. In today's lesson, I go deep into some of the simple but powerful tools I and my clients use to create more time AND money in our businesses.

Whether you want more time to walk, ride your bike, read (or write!) a book, or watch Netflix... these tools can help you create. it. And they might just have you seeing more "green" in your bank account, too! (PS - I recorded the Present Company podcast simultaneously this time, so if you prefer to listen rather than watch…

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