My "Nest" is Half Empty - On Handling Transitions with Grace

Long time, no see! I hope the second half of your summer has been great. Mine was filled with beaches, books, walks, contemplation, enormous salads and fruit cobblers (especially peach!) and…college prep.

Yep, my oldest daughter left for school in August. Naturally, it has been a period of transition for all of us. Thank heavens for my mindful walking practice! It has kept me grounded throughout this time - as it has so many times before. Nature has yet to let me down when I really need a boost.

Speaking of which...

I know I am usually talking to you about walking - and I do believe it is the easiest and most effective way to connect with inner wisdom through Nature - BUT, I also believe that the most important thing is that connection.

That’s why you may see more about the powerful benefits of exposure to Nature, and not just walking in it, in future emails. Stay tuned as we explore the many things (from sacred truths to real-world business savvy!) this beautiful earth has to teach us.

In the meantime….

If you’ve ever been through a tough transition, or if you’re anticipating one OR you know you need to make one but you’ve been putting it off, today’s short video is for you. (I value your precious time so, as always, I’ve kept it under 5 minutes!) 

If you are going through any kind of transition in your life and are in need of some extra support and encouragement, my Walking Through Transitions mini-course may be just what you need.

This should but powerful course includes video training, a beautiful PDFD guidebook, and two versions of the Walking Through Transition audio program - a short and a long one. It's a next best thing to the two of us taking a walk together. 

If you're feeling at all anxious around this transitional time in your life, I urge you to check it out now. Let me know if you have any questions about it. 

Here’s to a peaceful - and exciting - transition into Fall!