No Time to Walk? Let's Find Some!

Hope you're having a great Memorial Day holiday and enjoying a little downtime. I've been basking in the sun here in North Carolina and, of course, taking plenty of walks. 

It's pretty easy to find time to wander and wonder on a holiday weekend. But the real test of our commitment to any deeper spiritual practice or exercise regimen is how we manage it when we're in the thick of our busy day-to-day lives. 

If you like the idea of Mindful Walking but you're having trouble finding time to actually make it happen, I made this video for you. In it, I share five quick tips that have helped make Mindful Walking a life-changing habit for me - even in my busiest weeks. (I know how valuable your time is, so I keep all my vids around 5 minutes!) 

Lack of time (or a perceived lack of time) is just one roadblock that can keep us from pursuing new actions we know we need to be our best selves. 

What other challenges might keep you from Mindful Walking? I want to help! Let me know how I can better support you by leaving a comment below.