Ready to See More Green...In Your Bank Account?

Hey hey hey, you! Welcome to Fall! My favorite time of year for walking AND for starting new projects. And this fall is especially exciting for me since I'm now "open nesting". (My version of "empty nesting"....Now that the "baby" has left for college, I'm "open" for new possibilities!)

Going forward, I'll be focusing more on the relationship between connection with Nature and its impact on the bodies, minds, souls and even bank accounts of those of us who run businesses. This is where I’m starting…

As I have learned (sometimes the hard way!) in 20 years of running my own businesses WHILE trying to also run a household, nearly all success starts with mindset. Unfortunately, it can be really hard to see where your own mindset might be holding you back unless you have a little outside help. (It can be kind of like trying to see your own eyeball. Ew.)

I have spent much of the past year learning and practicing some powerful mindset tools and techniques that have not only changed my own outlook around money, but have also impacted my bottom line. These are techniques based on the groundbreaking work of my coach, Kendall SummerHawk, one of the world's preeminent coaches for women entrepreneurs.


I'm so excited to share what's working for me, so I'm opening up three spots on my calendar for a half-day of one-on-one coaching to Master Your Money Mindset. If you claim one of these three spots, we can meet in person, on the phone, or virtually and you get to choose the day. Our half-day together (about 3.5 hours) includes breaks for assignments and smoothies. (Not mandatory, but yummy! Recipes included.) 

If you want one of these three spots, you must reserve it before the end of the month to receive this reduced rate. After November 30, this pricing is gone for good. 


If making more money and having a greater impact with your business is on your radar for 2019 and you KNOW you want one of these three spots, go ahead and grab one now as this intro price is only through the end of November. (But don't worry - You can complete your coaching session any time before December 31) After the first of the year, the investment for a half-day session with me will be significantly higher.

Here’s to seeing more green…outside AND in your bank account!

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