Want to Burn Through Your 'To-Do' List in Less Time? Take a Walk!

It's been a busy week here in my house. My youngest has started her first job (so no more carefree sleeping until noon for her!) We have had dental appointments, veterinary appointments, short trips, and extra work assignments (for me). Plus, I have vowed to get some closets cleaned out this summer, so there's that. 

But no matter how long the "list" gets (and it's so long that I keep it in a composition notebook), I rely on this one strategy to help me optimize my ability to tackle it as efficiently as possible. In today's video, we look at the science behind why this works. 

Mindful walking has the added advantage of helping you to keep all of those vital tasks in better perspective. If we are honest, we are always "in charge" of a lot less than we think we are. 

But that is a video for another day....

In the meantime, here's that brainscan I mentioned. 

Source: https://www.boston.com/uncategorized/noprimarytagmatch/2013/03/07/4-ways-to-use-exercise-to-boost-brain-power

Source: https://www.boston.com/uncategorized/noprimarytagmatch/2013/03/07/4-ways-to-use-exercise-to-boost-brain-power

Want to get these kinds of results for yourself?

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Oh, and if you're into the science, here are some links you may want to check out. They are all about busy-ness, exercise, and the brain. (As a coffee lover, I especially appreciate the first one! Coffee and walking are my TWO favorite ways to start the morning!)

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