Switching Gears in My Business

Sometimes, you just know when it’s time to change gears.

At least, that is the theory.

Unfortunately for me, for most of my business life I have seized on an idea, milked it for all it was worth, and held on to it for dear life, even after everything in the Universe was nudging me to let go.

But not this time.

NOW, thanks for years of mindful walking which has led to much more mindful living and a more mindful, centered, reasonable approach to my business, I know when it’s time to make a shift.

For me, that time is now. So here goes….

I sent this video to my list today, letting all the “mindful walkers” know about our new primary focus on mindful entrepreneurship.

While every post and video on this site still very much applies, this is what it looks like to be upfront about where your personal journey is taking you….and who you want to come along.

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