The Graceful Way to Weather Change

If you are going through any kind of change in your life right now, or if you're anticipating a change in your life - regardless of whether you view it as a "positive" or "negative" change - today's video is going to be very timely for you. 

In this 5-minute episode, I discuss one of the primary reasons that mindful walking is such a powerful practice for getting peacefully through all kinds of transitions. It's about a lot more than "down time". 

Finally, even if your life is not in any kind of transition right now (which, frankly, is pretty rare), I would really appreciate your sharing this post if you have a friend that could use a little support.

If you ARE going through any kind of transition - from a move to a new job, new baby, empty nest, scary diagnosis - I invite you check out "Walking Through Transition", my mini-course and audio program designed to give you the support and encouragement you need to get through life changes with grace and ease. It's the next best thing to us taking a walk together!