Think You Have to Stop Thinking to Experience Peace? Think Again!

Quick - try NOT to think about a purple elephant. 

Um. I said DON'T think about it. 

Well, I think that proves my point. If you are human, being told NOT to think about something is the quickest may to ensure that that's exactly what you'll be thinking about. 

Unfortunately, a similar thing can happen when a meditation teacher or mindfulness guru tells you just NOT to think. Seriously, we were born to think. It's what we DO. 

But the good news is, thinking is actually not the enemy of a mindful or even a peaceful life. I explain why in today's 7-minute video.  (It was a little breezy here in NC today. Next time maybe I'll wear a hat!)

So, what are your thoughts? How do you think your thinking impact your efforts to live a more mindful life? Post your comments below! If you liked this video, please consider sharing it by clicking one of the links to the left.

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