This is Why You Don't Need "Self-Help"

OK, I admit it...I'm a bit of a personal development junkie. My bookshelves are crowded with books (and my computer is full of bookmarked sites) telling me how to eat better, think better, be more creative, productive, attractive, etc. I've been all about "improving" myself for a long time. I'm a little embarrassed now to admit that I kind of thought that was the point

But it's not. 

As I have come to understand through mindful walking, we don't actually need improvement, as such. Instead, we need a method for regularly returning to our True Selves and connecting with the Wisdom that is our birthright I explain more in today' video.

(In it I also, oddly, invite you to visit a website that you are clearly already on if you're watching this video here. : / Please overlook that. I'm new at this!)

I would love to get your thoughts on this idea. Like you, I'm a work in progress and my understanding is continually evolving. How do you feel about the idea of "giving up" on self-help? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.