This Stuff Just Works (Even if You Can't Explain Why)

As I tried to record this week's video on Mindful Walking for you, I found myself starting and stopping, over and over, trying to get my words just right. 

The experience of mindfully moving in nature can be so powerful and transformative that - despite my passion and conviction - I sometimes find it hard to talk about clearly. (And I'm not one who's often at a loss for words!)

So I ditched this weeks' planned video, to bring you this one instead. A reminder for all of us that we can still effectively "walk the walk" without perfectly "talking the talk". 

Click the image below to watch it now.

Have you ever had a powerful experience - whether in nature, in a yoga studio, or in a church - that was hard to put into words, even though you may have wanted to? Please share your thoughts in the comments section on YouTube or our Facebook page. 

If you know a busy person who could benefit from a simple path to lower stress, more peace, and greater personal power, please share this video with them. And if you - or they - want a little guidance to give mindful walking a try for yourself, click the button below to join the free 5-Day course. (Did I mention it's free??)

Sending you joy and light for your path.