You CAN Have it Long As You Do This

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Today, I'll write a 500+ word article on malignant mesothelioma for an educational website,

I'll interview a plastic surgeon about the importance of sun protection (in prep for an article for the magazine I publish),

AND I'll write a new blog post for The Mindful Walker website.

If it's not too late, I'll finish the next chapter of my second book. And, honestly, I'll pretty much enjoy all of it!

Some of my writer (and non-writer) friends say "How can you keep it all straight? Doesn't it make you crazy?"

Just between you and me, there WAS a time when it DID make be crazy, bopping from one thing to another, writing continually on so many different kinds of topics.

Many times, I came really close to giving up the freelance life that I wanted so much. I just wasn't sure I could handle it AND run a household and be a good mom. BUT, I desperately wanted to be free to write about the things that drew my interest.

That includes writing The Mindful Walker book and blog and growing that side of my personality.

It wasn't until I MASTERED the art of managing my mental, physical and spiritual well-being in really SIMPLE and efficient ways (yeah, like mindful walking), that things began to settle down for me and started to feel like..."Yeah! Not only can I have my career as a freelancer and run a publishing business, but I can even write a FREAKING BOOK!"

It's like I figured out the secret to stretching time. To calming down my crazy, mile-a-minute thinking. To just let everything be easier and to start living in FLOW.

Now, I look back on all the years I tried to manage my various creative projects by PUSHING so hard, instead of allowing creative energy to flow through me into the world, and I feel so annoyed that I didn't figure this out sooner.

Not only would my life have been easier, but so would my familiy's. Ah and learn.

But YOU don't have to make the same mistake!

If you feel called to write a book, launch a blog, go freelance, or go on the road with your ukulele, GO for it...but remember, YOU get to choose whether it's going to be easy or hard, whether you're going to drive the people who love you nuts, or whether you are going to make their mouths hang open with awe.

Most people choose the hard way.

As someone who's tried both, I definitely recommend easy! : )