You Don’t have to do business (or life) the way “They” Say


Stop stressing over the things you’ve heard you’re “supposed” to do to run a successful business.

Let me show you the tools, tactics, and mindset to run a chilled-out business that makes you money AND makes you happy!


90-Minute Intensive ($367*)

Imagine…90 minutes of 1:1 personal help with whatever is tripping you up in your life or business. Together, we’ll determine your perfect “next steps”, get totally clear on a plan of action, manage any mindset blocks, and get you on the path to real success. You’ll feel fully heard and totally supported and you’ll come away feeling calm, clear, positive, and motivated AND with a plan to move you forward!

* Price valid until December 31, 2019


Virtual VIP Day ($1247*)

Are you “close” to something awesome in your life or business but need a few hours of help to get over some hurdle or figure something out? Are you frustrated because those around you don’t really “get” what you do? Have you thought about coaching but just weren’t sure quite how it worked or if you’re a good fit? This is the perfect way to try it out AND accelerate your success at the same time! We’ll spend the better part of a day together, online or on the phone, (No need to put on makeup or even leave your house!)

Need help finding your brand voice, defining your niche, packaging or pricing an offer, setting up an optin and welcome emails to build your list, or redoing some part of your website? These are my superpowers! I’m also a fantastic listener and a great strategizer with infectious positivity! You’ll be astounded at how much we can achieve together in just a few hours!.

* Price valid until December 31, 2019


90-Day Business Transformation ($3760*)

3-months of immersive support through twice-a-month private conversations and easy in-the-moment access to me through Voxer. We’ll dig deep into your life and business to find and bust through blocks and get you on the way to success on your terms. In your business, I can help you with things like branding from your soul, defining your perfect niche, developing a signature system, building an online audience, and confidently packaging and pricing your offers. In your life, I can help you manage conflicts, set the right goals, get organized, implement better habits, and find more joy!

* Price valid until December 31, 2019


New to coaching? Got a specific issue and wonder if I can help? Send me at email at and let’s discuss it!