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On-the-go, “hustle-free” insights and inspiration for grown-up women entrepreneurs who want to make a living without missing their lives.

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Episode 1 - What is a “Present” Company?

As women solopreneurs, our businesses and lives are inextricably linked.  But making a living shouldn't have to mean missing our lives. "Presence" is the secret to making every moment - whether at work or play - count. If you hate the word "hustle" (but love big paydays) as much as I do, please enjoy this inaugural episode of Present Company and let's explore a different way of doing business in this chaotic world.

Episode 2 - The Nature/Success Connection

If you're an entrepreneur, your physical environment is more critical to your success than you might think. Did you know that the color sky blue enhances creativity? Or that a potted plant can help you concentrate? In today's episode, we talk about simple, inexpensive tweaks you can make to your workspace using Nature to uplevel your energy, focus, mood, and, ultimately, your earning potential!