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Nature-infused “hustle-free” insights and inspiration for feminine business leaders who want to make a living without missing their lives.


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Episode 8 - The Danger of Waiting for Inspiration

If you're an entrepreneur, chances are, you have relied on inspiration to guide at least some of your business decisions. But what happens when you are NOT feeling "inspired"? (Which is likely to be most of the time) Most of us who have bills to pay can't afford to wait around for inspiration to strike. Fortunately, there is a much more reliable way to know what you need to do next - in life or in business. It's simple, free, and works EVERY time, on demand. I explain in today's episode. Be sure to claim the Instant Raise audio training and watch “A Better Way to Make a Big Decision”.

Episode 7 - Time is Money: How to Create More of Both

They say time is money. But I've built an entire business around walking mindfully in the outdoors, all while managing multiple other businesses and a household (plus a menagerie of animals, but that's another story). One thing people often is ask is, "How do you have the time?" My answer? I make it! AND I do it without sacrificing profits. In fact, I make more money today than I ever did in the years before I learned to tap into the wisdom of the Natural World. In today's episode of Present Company, I go deep into some of the simple but powerful tools I and my clients use to create more time AND money in our businesses..

Episode 6 - Your Health = Your Bottom Line. Protect Them Both with This Tool!

As a feminine leader in business, your physical health is intimately linked to the health of your business, including your bottom line. If you've ever thought you don't have the time, money, or energy for a gym membership or a yoga class...or you do these things and feel guilty about it...here's a simple alternative that just might change your life! (And if you like the idea of connecting with Nature in support of your business, be sure to down the free Instant Raise audio program.)

Episode 5 - Be More Happy to Make More Money: A Practical Guide

They say that money can't buy happiness, but being happy can definitely make us more money. In today's episode, I talk about easy, inexpensive ways to quickly increase your happiness levels every day so that you can make both the impact AND the income you were born to make! CLICK HERE to grab the "Instant Raise" audio program here. The audio I mention, "How Nature Proves We're Good Enough" was part of a paid program and is not publicly available, but you can CLICK HERE to get it for free.

Episode 4 - Balancing Both Types of “Purpose” in Our Businesses

If you are like most entrepreneurial women, you went in to business for two reasons - because you wanted to bring something into the world or serve in some way (the big "P" Purpose) and because you wanted to earn money doing it (the little "p" purpose). But are you giving adequate and equal attention to both "P's"? In this episode, I discuss why favoring one “P” over the other is likely to tank your business over time. 

Episode 3 - Becoming a “Visionary” Entrepreneur

Do you have a Big Vision for your business? It's hard to be truly visionary when your mind is going in a million directions (as it probably is if you're a woman who owns a business!) In today's episode, I teach a deceptively simply but profoundly powerful technique for uncovering your vision in just a few minutes. It's worked wonders for me in my business and life and for thousands of others.

Episode 2 - The Nature/Success Connection

If you're an entrepreneur, your physical environment is more critical to your success than you might think. Did you know that the color sky blue enhances creativity? Or that a potted plant can help you concentrate? In today's episode, we talk about simple, inexpensive tweaks you can make to your workspace using Nature to uplevel your energy, focus, mood, and, ultimately, your earning potential!

Episode 1 - What is a “Present” Company?

As women solopreneurs, our businesses and lives are inextricably linked.  But making a living shouldn't have to mean missing our lives. "Presence" is the secret to making every moment - whether at work or play - count. If you hate the word "hustle" (but love big paydays) as much as I do, please enjoy this inaugural episode of Present Company and let's explore a different way of doing business in this chaotic world.