Podcasts & Interviews

The following are some podcasts on which I have been honored to a be a guest and some other interviews you might find interesting.


the Escape the 9-5 podcast - april 22, 2018

In this interview with the lovely Lynsay Anne Gould of The Escape the 9-5 Podcast, I talked about the importance of simple, daily self-care for entrepreneurs and others whose schedules tend to be flexible. I explain why mindful walking is the ideal all-in-one fitness practice for people who want to maximize the health impact on their minds, bodies, and spirits, in the most efficient and natural way!


THe crazy dog lady podcast - APRIL 4, 2018

I had so much fun as a guest on this intriguingly-titled podcast with the delightful Katie Tovey Grindley, a self-described "crazy dog lady". Apparently, I am, too! Whether you walk with a dog, as I do, or you aspire to walk with a dog, OR you just like dogs, I think you'll really enjoy this one. I share lots of practical tips for walking with dogs and upping the mindfulness factor at the same time!

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Interview with Diana cohen - August 31, 2017

In advance of the popular "Clean Up, Clear Out, Pair Down, Declutter and Simplify" live workshop, I was honored to have been interviewed by the lovely Diana Cohen of WildChild.live. We talked about the somewhat counter-intuitive connection between decluttering, inner peace, and mindful walking.


interview with diana cohen - September 17, 2017

I did this interview with my dear friend and mentor, Diana Cohen of WildChild.Live just before the inaugural live run of my signature wellness workshop series, The Gateway Program. Although the program has changed a little since I did this interview, the core content remains the same. If you are curious about how mindful walking can serve as a "catalyst" for all sorts of healthy life changes, this is a great interview to watch!

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