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the Clean Up, Clear Out, Pare Down, Declutter And Simplify Workshop

NOTE: This 5-Day workshop may cause you to feel lighter, breathe easier, sleep better, and get more done. You've been warned!


Congratulations on your decision to join the Simplify Workshop! I'm Alex, your guide for this little adventure.

While I spend most of my time these days talking to women entrepreneurs about creating streamlined businesses that benefit their souls and the planet, this workshop was so popular when I ran it live that I decided to offer it permanently on the site. After all, the simpler and more streamlined our lives are, the easier it is to grow our businesses and indulge in the things that really light us up and move us forward! : )’s time to take the reins and start to clean up, clear out, pare down, declutter and simplify...Ready to get to work?

Each day for the next five days, I’ll release a short assignment and video designed to move you closer to a more streamlined and simplified life. (Your first video and assignment are available now - see below)

**NOTE: This workshop is designed for you to do each assignment FIRST and watch the video AFTERWARD. The videos do NOT contain the assignments - they are meant to supplement them.

At the end of each assignment, I'll also offer you a second, totally optional assignment in case you are ready to go a little deeper with the day’s topic. Depending on who you are, you’ll likely find some days’ assignments easier than others. I urge you to give each one a try.

You'll have access to a new assignment and a video each day. 

Before we get into today’s “assignment”, three important things:

First, if you enjoy this training, please don’t keep it a secret. If you haven’t already invited an accountability buddy, you may wish to consider doing this workshop with a friend.

Second, take a deep breath. Relax. And give yourself a break. It is not realistic to imagine that you are going to be able to fully simplify ALL areas of your life in the next five days. This workshop is all about giving you a boost and the motivation, inspiration, and encouragement you need to get started.

But simplification is a process that starts with a mindset.

You have the rest of your life to practice it. (Later in the week, I’ll be telling you about an opportunity to work with me further as you do.)

Finally - and this is the most important message you are going to get all week - I want you to remember that no amount of cleaning, clearing, or simplifying has the power to impact your fundamental well-being in any real way. We are here strictly because it can feel good, be stress-relieving, and offer a path to mental clarity to do some decluttering periodically - NOT because the cleaning, in an of itself, can “make” you happier or more peaceful. Plus, you'll continue to have access to all of these assignments and videos, so you can always come back to them at a better time.

Now, let’s dive in to Module 1: Simplify your SCHEDULE


Module 2: Simplify Your Space


Module 1 was all about simplifying our schedules. I shared a deceptively simple 100-year-old technique that has long been a productivity secret of highly successful entrepreneurs. I hope it makes things a little simpler for you to apply it to your own life and schedule. 

Today, we’re working on cleaning up, decluttering, and simplifying our SPACE. This can be your office, your home, your home office, your garage - whatever feels most cluttered to you.

And before you click below to get your assignment, I want to remind you that this process is not just about having a cleaner work or living space. It’s really about how efficiently our brains operate and how uplifted our spirits can feel when we are not bogged down by real, or even imagined, chaos and clutter. Even clutter that is hidden in a closet or a drawer can eat away at your well-being, taking up space in your psyche, and subtly keeping you from being fully present in your one wild and precious life! (As poet Mary Oliver calls it)

Don’t let this happen to you!

Take the time to at least start the decluttering process this week. Today’s assignment is based on techniques used by some of the top gurus in the home decluttering space and has enabled me to completely transform my modest home from cluttered to calming. One word of caution, though - Once you get started, it tends to be addicting!


Module 3: Simplify Your Money


Well, we are halfway through the week already and halfway through our “Clean Up, Clear Our, Pair Down, Declutter, and Simplify” process. Congratulations for making it this far!! I hope that you are beginning to feel a little more clarity and calm around some of the areas that we have covered. Even though these are broad brush strokes we are making, if you stay open to what you’re feeling as you do each lesson, they have the potential to bring about some real transformation in your life.

That’s because, even though on the surface we are talking about schedules, spaces, finances, food, etc., what we are really driving at is a change in mindset. When we approach major areas of our lives with a view toward simplification, our crazy thinking can quiet down a bit, leaving space for our deeper, wiser selves to take the reins.

Now..Let’s simplify your money!

If you Google this topic, you’ll find plenty of advice for making things simpler, financially. These include pretty much “no brainer” tips like

  • consolidating your bank accounts and/or retirement funds

  • doing more financial transactions online to minimize paperwork

  • reducing debt

  • cutting out unneeded expenses (Do you really watch Hulu?)

  • using a single credit card

  • paying cash when possible, etc.

All of those activities will lead to a simpler financial life and I have personally applied myself to all of them.

However, until you have adopted a mindset of simplicity around your life and money, none of them are going to stick. I know this from experience, too. For me, finances were the last area of my life to get “decluttered”, largely because I just didn’t even know where to start. It all felt way too complicated.

Today’s assignment gives you two options, both of which offer a place to start on the path to simplifying how you deal with your money. They are based on the idea that, in order to rein it in, you need to know where it is. Where you go from there is, of course, entirely up to you and will be based on your individual financial situation. Click the link to access today's assignment, then watch the video.


Module 4: Simplify Your Food

Welcome to Module 4 of our week-long “Clean Up, Clear Out, Pair Down, Declutter and Simplify” workshop.

Today’s assignment is around something that is near and dear to my heart (and stomach!). I love to cook, love to plan meals, and, above all, love to eat, especially in the company of friends and family.

HOWEVER, whether meal planning and preparation are stress-relievers or a stress-creators for you, I promise that making the process simpler and more streamlined will only make it better. If you love to cook, the tools I’m going to suggest in today’s assignment will make it more fun because you can relax and concentrate on the parts you like to do. If you hate to have to even think about your meals day-to-day, same thing.

One note: if you are not used to planning your food very far in advance, this may feel like a bit of a hassle to you. However, after you experience just one week of this system, I predict you’ll enjoy the reduced stress so much you’ll want to stick with it. You’ll need a notebook for this exercise, but a plain old composition book or spiral notebook is fine. (I rip the used pages out of my kids’ school notebooks at the end of the year and use them for this)


Module 5: Simplify Your Fitness

Congratulations on making it through the entire week of the "Clean Up, Clear Out, Pair Down, Declutter, and Simplify" Workshop! I hope it has helped you to streamline some things in your life and set yourself up for more peace and calm in your life. Please note that, although the workshop ends today, you will continue to have access to all the lessons and videos here in the members area. 

I'm really excited because today's subject is the area of simplifying that I am most passionate about. It's also the area in which I happen to be something of an authority. : )

Today we're going to roll your self-care and fitness routines into one elegant, streamlined practice you can do any time, anywhere.

We all know that we should be exercising regularly, taking time to de-stress, nurturing our spirits, etc. But, honestly, with the pace of life for most of us, it can be incredibly challenging to fit these things in as often as we should.

And yet, nurturing our minds, bodies, and spirits is the ultimate KEY to living a life that is truly peaceful, centered, calm and joyful - regardless of the state of your closet, your purse or your calendar.

That's why I want to introduce you to my secret weapon for simplified stress management, clear thinking, and optimum health...mindful walking! To help with today's assignment, I've included my popular "Ten-Minute Break" Mindful Walking audio program which you can download under today's video. Enjoy!



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