Not feeling Fulfilled by Your Workout Routine? Time to Think Outside the Box!



Just 15 minutes of walking in the outdoors has the power to reignite your mojo, sharpen your concentration, boost your mood, AND help you stay fit for life. Click the button above to take the FREE Five-Day Mindful Walking Challenge and see for yourself!


mindful walking could be the answer to your self-care Dilemma!

"I'm totally stressed out!"

Maybe you've heard how good 'mindfulness' can be for stress and concentration, but meditation just seems so complicated, time consuming, or worse...sleep inducing. Click below for a whole new way to enjoy the benefits of a mindful life - without meditation.

"I never can get to the gym"

Have you let your gym membership lapse? Did you buy a yoga class punch card that you never used up? Give yourself a break. You were born to walk! In this video training, see how a few simple tweaks to your walk can help you get maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

"I don't know where to start!"

Here's an idea! Grab a copy of "The Mindful Walker"., the definitive guide to the practice written with busy people like you in mind, "The Mindful Walker" is the quick and easy guide to reigniting your spark, sharpening your focus, and connecting deeply with peace and clarity with a daily walk outside.

Alex’s passion is contagious and her knowledge and research is impressive! It’s such a simple but profound thing to do and she guides people through it very skillfully, with a good balance of gentle encouragement, teaching of the proven benefits, and inspiration.
— Barbara Brown, Artist & Author


"Hi! I'm Alex Strauss, author of the Amazon best-selling book, The Mindful Walker. Just a few years ago, I felt like I was drowning in the busy-ness of my life. Running my business and my household just felt like it took everything I had. I'd always taken pretty good care of myself. But, suddenly, I felt like I had NO time, and even less motivation. When push came to shove, my "self care" was the first thing to go. And, of course, I felt guilty about it, which didn't help. The result: I ended most days feeling overwhelmed and depleted. 

When I started taking quiet walks during short breaks in my busy days, everything began to change. Almost without effort, being present and moving gently in the natural world seemed to lift my fog. The more I learned about walking for exercise and its connection to mindfulness, the better it got. (Turns out, this is an ancient practice, used by lots of smarter people than me!) My energy and clarity returned and I'm now in the best shape of my life. PLUS, I feel more connected to my loved ones, the Earth, and myself than I ever have. Everything is just easier, even though my life is as busy as ever.

Who knew something so simple could do so much?" 



The information Alex shares actually made me excited about walking! Who knew such a simple activity, when done properly, could be such a life changer?!
— Diana Cohen, Coach and Creator of


Alex provided the encouragement, motivation, on-going support, and practical advice that got me up and moving!
— MaryAnne MacKay, Gateway Program graduate
I loved the small group setting and the personal attention that Alex took with each of us!! So much great information shared!
— Judi Warren, Gateway Program graduate