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Too busy to work out? too exhausted to meditate? think outside the box!

Just 15 minutes of walking in the outdoors can reignite your mojo, improve your concentration, boost your mood AND help you stay fit for life. So stop making excuses. Click below to join my FREE Five-Day Mindful Walking Challenge and see for yourself.


Do any of these sound familiar?

"Meditation seems so complicated"

Maybe you've heard how good 'mindfulness' can be for stress and concentration, but meditation just seems so complicated, time consuming, or worse...sleep inducing. Click below for a whole new way to enjoy the benefits of a mindful life - without meditation.

"I never can get to the gym"

Have you let your gym membership lapse? Did you buy a yoga class punch card that you never used up? Give yourself a break. You were born to walk! In this video training, see how a few simple tweaks to your walk can put you on the path to a stronger, leaner, more peaceful you. 

"I don't know where to start!"

Here's an idea! Grad a copy of "The Mindful Walker". An Amazon best-seller written with busy people in mind, "The Mindful Walker" is the quick and easy guide to reigniting your spark, sharpening your focus, and connecting deeply with peace and clarity with a daily walk outside.



"Hi! I'm Alex Strauss, author of The Mindful Walker. Not long ago, I felt like I was drowning in the busy-ness of my life. Running my business and family life had begun to feel like a chore instead of a joy. Even though I exercised (as much as a busy mom can), ate pretty well, and tried to nurture my 'spiritual side', I still ended most days feeling overwhelmed and depleted. 

When I started applying proven mindfulness techniques to my daily dog walks, everything changed. Almost without effort, being present and moving gently in the natural world seemed to lift my fog. My energy and clarity returned, and I now enjoy a deeper level of peace and connection to Wisdom than I ever have. Everything is just so much easier, even though my life is as busy as ever. Who knew something so simple could do so much?" 




Change Can be hard. Wouldn't it be nice to know that you aren't alone?

'Walking Through Transition', a mini-course, including a video training, a beautiful coursebook and audio guided walks, gives you the support and encouragement you need to weather even the toughest changes with grace and ease.

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