The Mindful Walker

Rediscovering the Simple Path to a Healthier, Happier, More Peaceful Life

By alex strauss


Most of us love the idea of living a more “mindful” life - in theory. We have all heard how much less stressful and how much richer and more joyful our lives would be if only we could learn to be more “present” and embrace “mindfulness”. The trouble is, we live in the real world.

Even with the best intentions, many of us just can’t find the time or energy it takes to truly nurture our bodies, minds, and spirits, let alone cultivate that elusive “present-moment awareness”. It’s hard enough just to get enough sleep! The solution? Mindful walking.

In her debut book, science writer Alex Strauss contends that anyone can quickly master the simple and time-honored practice of taking brief nature walks as a path to a healthier, happier and, yes, more mindful life. Drawing from her own experience and that of famous walkers from Socrates to Einstein, Strauss illustrates how walking in nature - even for minutes at a time - can help us think more clearly and creatively, reshape our bodies, and renew our spirits.

Part motivational and part how-to guide, The Mindful Walker is sprinkled with humor and backed by current scientific research demonstrating that a less stressful and more peaceful life really can be a walk in the park!

"This book is remarkable and way overdue!" - A.R., Amazon Customer


"A thoughtful introduction to walking in a way that invites being present to the wonders of nature that surround us..." - T.M., Amazon Customer

"Excellent book with easy instructions that will change your life for the better." - J.H., Amazon Customer


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