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Does that Healthy, Balanced Life You Imagine Always Seem Juuuust Out of Reach? 

  • Do you keep meaning to start (or continue) an exercise routine but never can seem to find the time or motivation?
  • Do you want to live a "healthy" life but aren't convinced it's do-able in the real world (which includes late nights, long days, and occasional wine and pizza)?
  • Do you like the idea of 'mindfulness' but find "meditation" boring or just too woo-woo? 
  • Do you love the outdoors but find yourself spending more and more of your days inside?
  • Do you gravitate toward personal development books and websites, but then aren't sure which ones are relevant to your life?
  • Could you use a gentle, loving nudge to take better care of yourself, especially when life gets stressful?
  • Do you feel a little stirring in your heart when you look at the image at the top of this page?

The Path, an online membership community for walking and wellness could be the jump-start you need!


If you are tired of feeling guilty about the exercise you're NOT doing, tired of "running" after fitness and better health, tired of jumping from one health trend to another only to find yourself back where you started, or just plain tired, I invite you to slow down...take a deep breath...and get on a simpler, more sustainable path to lifelong wellness on The Path. Imagine being excited for your daily workout, ending the day with energy to spare, or naturally gravitating to healthier food choices.

Many of the people I've worked with say that's exactly what happened when they started a mindful walking habit. 


True confession: I've struggled with health and balance, too

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Over time, mindful walking became a catalyst for a lot of other healthy changes that needed to happen in my life. Today, I eat better, sleep better, have more time for fun, enjoy better relationships, and maintain a healthy weight pretty much effortlessly.

Just a few years ago, I felt like my life was spiraling out of control. I was running a household, running multiple businesses, running around with my two girls, and basically just running myself ragged trying to keep up. I cared about my health. But the idea of finding consistent time to exercise - something I used to love - just made me feel more overwhelmed and guilty. So I ignored my mental fatigue and my body's cries for attention (weight loss, stomach aches, skin problems, and adrenal fatigue) and just kept going.

I'd heard that meditation might help with my stress, but I didn't have time for that either. (And I was pretty sure it would put me to sleep.) I was frustrated and exhausted so I started walking my dog up the block now and then just to get away from it all. And that is where the magic started. 

Walking quietly in Nature became my salvation, completely by accident. The more I learned about this powerful, ancient mind/body/spirit practice—and the more I enjoyed the calm and energy it was bringing into my life—the more excited I was to share it. I've spent the last five years helping other busy people find peace and health in the midst of chaos. Mindful walking is at the heart of all of my programs. 

Getting and staying healthy and balanced really CAN be a lot easier than you've been told. I'd love to be your guide. 

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Alex made me excited about walking! Who knew such a simple activity, when done properly, could be such a life changer?!
— Diana, Gateway Program graduate
Alex provided the encouragement, motivation, on-going support and practical advice that got me up and moving! It helped me to reconnect and to heal a sacred part of myself.
— MaryAnne, Gateway Program graduate
I loved the small group setting and the personal attention that Alex took with each of us!
— Judi, Gateway Program graduate

The Path Puts Everything You Need to Support Your Healthy, Balanced Life...Right at Your Fingertips!

As a member of The Path, you'll have access to a private membership space where you'll find...

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Weekly inspiration and encouragement to keep you motivated and moving (no matter how long your week has been!) It's hard to inspire yourself. On The Path, you don't have to!

The Path - Information.jpg

Expert interviews, recommended books and other resources to keep your brain as healthy and energized as your body. Never be at a loss for your next great read!

A private Facebook group and monthly live gatherings in my virtual "living room" so you'll always have some like-minded people to give you a boost and keep you accountable. (This is especially crucial when life gets busy or stressful!) 

Professionally produced audio meditations you can download and listen to as you walk (or even just do errands!). You'll return from your daily walks calm, focused, and  ready for whatever life throws at you! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Path for?

The Path is for people who value their mental, physical, and spiritual health and are looking for simple, accessible ways to support all three...preferably at the same time. People who have limited time or patience for complicated fitness regimens and techniques are likely to find this simplified approach refreshing.

Can't I make these changes on my own?

Sure! And I hope you do. In fact, if you're already taking three walks a day and living in presence most of the time, you probably don't need the support and accountability that The Path provides. But if you know you could be doing better - not just with walking but with the implementation of other healthy self-care habits - there is no substitute for having a caring guide and a team of personal cheerleaders to help keep you moving forward.

But Will I Actually DO It?

I've built plenty of accountability and support into The Path. Not only will you be totally inspired once you really understand the kinds of life-changing benefits you'll enjoy if you stick with healthy practices like mindful walking, but you'll also have me and others checking in with you via email, in our private Facebook group, and through monthly live online gatherings. You'll also get regular "assignments" with incentives like new walking meditations. While I can't "make" you participate, I'll do everything I can to help you reach your personal health goals on The Path. I'll even help you set those goals, right at the outset!

What if I don't like it?

No problem. You can easily cancel at any time with just a couple of clicks and you will not be charged again.

Is this ONLY about walking?

No! While getting you into a regular walking habit is certainly part of the goal, The Path is about using mindful walking as a catalyst for all kinds of healthy transformations, including deepening your own connection with the Earth and with your intuition. We'll explore things like walking for weight loss, being mindful even when you aren't walking, the psychological benefits of spending time in nature, dietary habits to support your walking AND your busy life, and more. It's a program that will grow with you as your practice deepens. Every lesson and tool will be available to you any time to access inside the private membership site.

What if I can't make a live meeting?

No worries! These are casual get-togethers with no set agenda. Think of it as a chance to have coffee (or tea!) together and discuss any issues you may be having. Every meeting will be recorded and, as a member of the program, you'll have full access to those recordings after the meetings.


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