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Reawaken your Innate Business Brilliance (Even if you aren’t sure you have Any)

Join me LIVE and learn how to reignite your creativity, restore your energy, and reconnect you with the intuitive side of business…with help from Nature!



Are you an unfulfilled woman entrepreneur? Does business feel harder or more stressful than it used to?


Wednesday, October 16th @

2:00 PM Eastern Time

In this FREE live training you'll learn:
  • My secret to quickly stop feeling overwhelmed and know exactly what to focus on every day

  • The genius tweaks you can make to your work space TODAY to up-level your creativity (and your earning potential!)

  • How to find inspiration and nurture your spirit …in your own backyard!

  • The science-backed daily practice that can jump-start your energy, ease your stress, AND cut the risk of disease

  • My favorite tech tools for streamlining my business and spending more time in Nature


Can we talk for a second, entrepreneur to entrepreneur?

We all start our businesses with excitement and confidence. In the beginning, we are flying high, full of energy and inspiration. Ideas flow easily. We have a sense of purpose and direction. We easily ignore the naysayers. We trust ourselves. And it feels good.

But, somewhere along the line, our passion for the whole thing can start to wane. Things get busier. Money issues may crop up. We feel the need to “hustle” to stay afloat. It gets harder to balance work, fun, family, and self-care. We start to doubt ourselves. And even the parts of business we used to love can begin to lose their sparkle.

Maybe you’ve even wondered if you’re really cut out for entrepreneurship.


What if the real issue had nothing to do with how solid your business idea is or how committed you are or how hard you’re working?

What if the real issue is a subtle disconnection from your own inner guidance system? You know…the one that convinced you to start a business in the first place?

It’s what I call your Innate Business Brilliance. It’s the source of creativity, energy, focus, confidence and money-making ideas.

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I’m Alex Strauss, an author, teacher, and Holistic Business Coach. Eight years into my business, I was hovering on the edge of burnout, depressed, broke, and stuck.

Today, I’m a joyful, grounded, and highly successful entrepreneur teaching other women to reconnect with their intuitive business sense, reignite their sense of purpose, and earn what they’re worth through mindful connection with the Natural World.

I’d like to invite you to this FREE live masterclass (and replay) on Wednesday, October 16, at 2 pm, Eastern Time.

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