Natural Wellness Guidance 

Do you like what you have heard here at The Mindful Walker? Do you find yourself listening to my videos and saying "Amen, sista!"? Do you feel a pull toward a deeper connection with the natural world but need a little help to fully embrace it and use it to inspire and direct your health, work, relationships, and life? Since you found your way to this page, the answer is likely to be yes. If so, I already know that we would probably love working together one-to-one!

My Natural Wellness Guide Package may be for you if you...

  • Are tired of low energy or fuzzy mental focus and are ready to reclaim the vibrancy that leads to your best work and life

  • Know your body, mind, and spirit could benefit from more movement but are unwilling (or unable) to go back to soul-less gym workouts (not that you'd have time anyway)

  • Feel a pull toward connection with Nature and want more of it in your life

  • Are intrigued by the idea of "mindfulness" but aren't sure about its "real world" application

  • Have a sense that there is more to your life and work than you are currently experiencing, but you're not quite sure how to move to the next level

  • Are interested in science-based wellness advice and support that is infused with love and Divine guidance

  • Are ready to invest in yourself and learn to show up for your creative life as the best version of you, whatever it takes


My Philosophy

My mentoring is Nature-based and grounded in the idea that you were Divinely created, healthy and whole. Our work together will focus on unearthing your intrinsic, God-given well-being and inviting you into deeper communion with the natural world as a path to your best self.


How Does it Work?

Through a series of gentle, loving conversations (usually involving a beverage and some laughter), we will uncover exactly what your challenge areas are right now - whether they are mental, spiritual, or physical - and together, we'll make a plan to overcome them. We'll pay particular attention to how you are caring for your body, mind, and spirit to make sure you are getting the crucial support you need to achieve your personal and professional goals—whether they include climbing a mountain, keeping up with a grandchild, publishing your book, selling your artwork, or losing ten pounds. It's ALL connected.

During our conversations, I'll teach you how to reclaim your power and reignite your passion for your creative life with some simple habits and tools to connect you more deeply to your inner wisdom and that of Nature. These are habits you'll use for the rest of your life. Perhaps most importantly, I'll listen deeply (this is actually my "super power"!), respond intuitively, and hold you accountable to yourself. When our time together ends, you will have the knowledge, tools, and confidence you need to move into your next phase with purpose and excitement. I'll make sure of it.

Is a Natural Wellness Guide like a Life Coach?

Yes and no. I have been trained as a life coach and there are some elements of what I do that are like Life Coaching. I'll help you clarify your goals, I'll ask some thought-provoking questions, and I'll challenge you when I think you need it. But rather than follow a traditional coaching model, I have developed a system that is more fluid and is customized to meet each client's specific needs. It is more intuitive than traditional life coaching, less structured, more Nature-focused, and more in tune with the way real women actually interact—i.e., through conversation. As a creative professional myself who has very likely been where you are, I'm here to be a sounding board, a resource, and a mentor. A little like a wise big sister...but without the baggage.. 

Your Half-Day VIP Day package includes:

mentoring client.jpg
  • 3.5 hours (half-day) or 6 hours (full day) together (including breaks) (it's like Skype or Facetime) over a three-month period. Sessions are generally every two weeks, depending on your needs

  • Unlimited access to me via email and Voxer (a walkie-talkie type app that allows us to chat in real time) in case you need some help or advice between sessions

  • A signed paperback copy of The Mindful Walker, my best-selling book on the ancient practice of walking mindfully in Nature

  • My recommended reading list for a healthier, more mindful life in deeper connection with the Earth

  • Cost is $1250 and payment plans are available. Just let me know if you need this.

Interested? Here's what to do next....

I'd like to get to know a little about your and your business to see if we’re a good fit. Please fill out the brief form below and I'll send you a link to schedule a free discovery session with me. I promise, this will be fun and enlightening, regardless of what we ultimately decide. You're here on this page for a reason. It's not an accident. Let's find out together what that reason is!

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Signs You Could Benefit from a Natural Wellness Guide

  • You are in a health (or professional) rut. This could be a food rut where you find yourself preparing (or picking up!) the same five meals every week. Or it may be a fitness rut, where you have either stopped regular exercise altogether or you are just bored to tears with whatever you've been doing. Or maybe it's an emotional rut, where you find yourself wearing grooves in your brain with the same defeating thoughts, over and over, talking yourself out of the healthy, vibrant, full-out life you'd love to be living, in favor of the safer, duller life you're in. All of this can sap your energy and keep you from producing at your highest level. I say, life's too short, girl!! For heaven's sake, let me help you!

  • You are not exactly surrounded by others who really understand your life or health challenges. Oh believe me, I've SO been there. Whether it was the times I've tried juice cleanses and had to endure the slightly amused looks of my family as a shoved more carrots through the juicer....Or the times (like many, many times) I've had to explain that my commitment to "mindful" living doesn't mean I've become a Buddhist or that I want to spend all my time meditating...OR the time I decided to write a whole book about walking in the outdoors...I know what it is like to feel kind of alone on this journey. I, too, have scoured the Internet looking for like-minded souls (and found some kind of crazy stuff along the way). Enough scouring already. Stop here. I've got your back. Let's talk!

  • You are busy and want to find the fastest route to reach your goals. You wouldn't attempt to climb Everest without a Sherpa. And you probably wouldn't try to make a complex new dish without a recipe (or maybe you would, in which case, you're more of a whiz in the kitchen than I am. More power to ya!) Doing new things without guidance just doesn't make sense unless you have all the time in the world. (News Flash: you don't) Whether they are health goals or life goals—or some combination of both—the fastest, most efficient path to success is to hire a guide.

  • You are struggling with decisions. If there are changes that you are feeling compelled to make and you've already interviewed everyone in your immediate circle...AND your distant aunt...AND your Facebook friends...and maybe even some nice person who sat next to you on an airplane, it's time to get some loving guidance back to your OWN intuition. Sure, I'll tell you what I think. (Even though they say in "coach school" that I"m not supposed to) But, more importantly, I'll help you discover what YOU think. And feel. And I'll give you the courage—and the plan—to trust and follow that instinct. Your higher self knows what you need. I can help you learn to listen to her.


Fill out the form above and let's talk about it. There is no cost and you'll know in just a few minutes whether or not I can help you. I believe it is no accident that our paths have crossed here. I can't wait to meet you!