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The Gateway Program

For when you are ready to learn and apply the health-transforming power of mindful walking in a deep-dive 30-Day LIVE Program

Enrollment is open until 6 pm, april 25th!

The next LIVE Gateway Program class starts April 30. Click below to learn more!


Walking Through Transition

For when you're going through a life change and you need a hand to hold.

I've got your back! This popular mini-course teaches you to harness the healing power of Nature, Mindfulness, and  Movement to weather even the toughest life changes with grace and ease. 

Buy Now for $39

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The Path Membership

For when you are committed to healthy, balanced living and you want regular support and accountability

The Path private online membership community is the perfect place to find connection, inspiration, learning, and accountability.

get on the path for $23/month


Simplifying Workshop

For when your life feels out of control and you're ready to reign it in

This Five-Module workshop includes a short daily task and video to help you quickly simplify five key areas of your life: schedule, space, finances, food, and fitness. If you are ready to get rid of overwhelm and step into a calmer you this week, this is the perfect guide!